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1. When should we book a date?

The earlier, the better. I employ a „first come, first serve” principle when booking. If you plan to have your wedding in the high season, it is worth to book the date even a year in advance. If you like my photos and you know that the date you are interested in is available, let’s meet and talk. I will show you examples of albums and full features. After such a meet, I will hold the date for you for 5 more days. The final booking occurs when signing an agreement and paying a deposit.

2. What is your style of work?

I am very discreet during a wedding, I never stage any events or frames. I do, however, document the most beautiful emotions and most important events. If after a ceremony or during reception you want a group photo or a small photo shoot with your closest ones, I will help you set up and give hints on how to pose. Every couple is different, every wedding unique, which is why I approach all event individually.

3. How does a photo shoot look like?

We can do the photo shoot on the wedding day or a couple of days afterwards. I recommend the second option, since you will not be stressed or in a hurry, you won’t have to be so cautious about the dress. A photo shoot on a different day than the wedding usually lasts about 5 hours (it’s more than enough) and during that time we visit a couple of previously selected locations, where we will take many different and unique photographs in a couple of different styles. You don’t have to worry about the time though, I am there for you for the whole day. I always work with an assistant who takes care of reflectors, diffusors and external lights, so that the photos are beautiful even if the weather and lighting conditions aren’t perfect. We choose the location together. I think that the best ones are those that you have warm memories from, or those that say something about you – it might be a place where you first met, or something connected with your hobbies. If you don’t have any such places, don’t worry, I have many tried and tested locations to share with you. If you would like a photo shoot in an old factory or on the roof of a skyscraper, I will find the best place and take care of any formalities. If you would like to shoot in a foreign country, I will gladly go there with you!

4. How many photos will we receive, in what format, and how long will it take?

The number of photos depends on the scope of service that you choose. If you take the full package (preparations, ceremony, reception and a photo shoot), you will receive a minimum of 300 photos on a DVD. The photographs itself are in a .jpg format, edited, and in two variants: full-sized and downsized for the internet. Also, depending on your preferences, you can receive your photographs in a traditional albums, or in a professional photo album. I know that you are very impatient when waiting for photos, wondering how they came out, which is why I will send you a couple of first photos (edited) via email 2 days after the wedding. You will have to wait about 4 weeks for an online gallery with all photos. Using this gallery, you can choose photos for your album or allow me to create the best composition. You will receive the full album and photographs on a DVD about 5-6 weeks after the wedding.

5. Are the photos digitally edited?

Of course. I take photos in the RAW format, which is considered the digital alternative to the film negative in analogue photography. It’s conversion is, in turn, considered developing. I never pass RAW files to the Clients, but digitally developed and edited .JPG’s. When it comes to facial retouching, I always do basic, natural retouch. Bigger changes are always possible, but I never do it without an explicit wish from my Clients.

6. What do you photograph with?

I use two Canon full frame digital cameras and L-class lenses.

7. What will you wear for our wedding?

I will be dressed elegantly and appropriate for the occasion, but also comfortably, so that my clothing won’t restrict my movements (it is, after all, physical work). Shoes will be quiet, so that no clicking heels will disrupt the ceremony. T-shirts and track shoes are definitely off the table.


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